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"Building a better world with people of all abilities!"

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Our Directors

Cootharinga is governed by a Board of Directors, drawn from local business communities in Townsville, Cairns, Mackay and Mount Isa. They are the governing body of Cootharinga and volunteer their skills and expertise. They are responsible for setting the strategic direction for Cootharinga, approving budgets, monitoring, and auditing Cootharinga’s affairs, on behalf of Cootharinga members by whom the Directors are elected and to whom they are accountable. The activities are conducted in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Cootharinga and relevant legislation. Activities are aimed at the delivery of quality services to people living with disabilities in North Queensland and ensuring that Cootharinga remains focused on its Mission Statement.

Directors are non-executive and act in a voluntary capacity.

The Board has delegated responsibility for day to day operations of Cootharinga to the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board through the President. Directors are members of a range of specialist “Board Committees” each of which concentrates in specific areas and recommends action to the Board. The Board and each Board committee have established:

  • Roles
  • Structure and composition
  • Terms of reference
  • Functions
  • Meeting and reporting requirements
  • Key performance indicators

Rob Grant


Anna Nicholls


Colin Harkness

Vice President

Renee Bennett


Ian Featherstone


Jim Young


Kevin Byrne


Wayde Chiesa