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"Building a better world with people of all abilities!"

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Our Policies

#1   Governance

Cootharinga will be governed by a strong, skilled and accountable Board, committed to its vision, its customers and its people.

#2   Business Focus

Cootharinga’s business will be based on market demand, enhanced value for customers and organisational capability, to build a sustainable for-purpose business which achieves its vision.

#3   Service Delivery

Cootharinga will provide high quality tailored solutions to assist people live the life they want.

#4   Zero Tolerance for Abuse and Neglect

Cootharinga has zero tolerance of abuse and neglect.

#5   Risk and Emergency Response

Cootharinga will embed a positive culture with a risk appetite and risk profile appropriate to its business. As part of this, Cootharinga will utilise robust Emergency Response practices.

#6   Safe and Fair Workplace

Cootharinga aims to be an employer of choice, providing a safe, fair workplace and by investing in the development of its people.

#7   Ethical Business Practices

Cootharinga will maintain the highest standards of integrity, fairness, accountability, transparency and ethical business practices in its business dealings.

#8   Privacy

Cootharinga will uphold the privacy of customers and staff.

#9   Engagement

Cootharinga will promote and encourage transparent two-way communication and engagement with all stakeholders.

#10   Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Cootharinga will conduct its business activities lawfully and in a manner that demonstrates its full compliance with all legal, regulatory and contractual obligations.

#11   Financial Sustainability

Cootharinga will ensure a strong future by maintaining financial sustainability.

#12   Business Processes and Systems

Cootharinga aims to deliver world-class business processes, systems and capability.

#13   Acceptable Use of Cootharinga Resources

Cootharinga’s resources will only be used for the purposes for which they are intended.

#14   Community Investment

Cootharinga will encourage and facilitate strategic community investment in achieving its vision.

#15   Influencing Our Communities

Cootharinga will work with customers to represent their best interests in influencing community attitudes, government policies and the business environment in which it works.

#16   Innovation

Cootharinga is committed to innovation to remain contemporary and relevant in its business environment.

Our customers are:
Anyone who is having difficulty achieving the life they want due to impairment whether permanent or temporary.