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Our Strategic Directions

Why did Cootharinga Create New Strategic Directions ?

  • Part of our annual update.
  • Introduction of the NDIS.

Why was there a Strategic Directions Rather Than A Strategic Plan ?

  • Short graphical document.
  • Easy to read and understand.

Why In This Format ?

  • Our Strategic Directions are not "one dimensional".
  • Our customers are our starting point.

The Values Changed With The Strategic Directions, Why Is That ?

  • Values were appropriate for the time.
  • Introduction of "Courage".

Why were the underpinning business drivers included ?

  • Helps people understand who we want to be.
  • Shows the external factors that guide us.

How does it all fit together ?

  • It starts with our customers and they define our purpose.
  • If successful our pillars and values will lead us to achieve our vision.
Strategic Directions