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25 June 2015
Cairns Corporate Challenge - Kokoda Trek

Cootharinga North Queensland has been announced as the charity beneficiary of The Cairns Corporate Challenge in 2015!

The Cairns Corporate Challenge is a group of dynamic people who raise funds to help a local charity organisation in Cairns each year, whilst enjoying the challenge of trekking through Kokoda. Through Cootharinga’s Walk with Me event, funds raised will go directly to support people with disabilities in Cairns.

The story of the Kokoda Campaign is an important one in Australia’s history, and there are many analogies to be drawn between the challenges faced by the soldiers and the people Cootharinga supports. Though the two are entirely different scenarios, the story of Kokoda demonstrates what can be achieved against the odds, through courage and endurance, and through support, teamwork and mateship.

This wonderful poem was written by Cootharinga staff member Kylie Luce who trekked through Kokoda in 2010.

Isurava Memorial Poem

Walk this track trekker
Let your poles take the strain
Put on your rain coat
To stay out of the rain
Fill your bellies with food on your 10 minute rests
Sports drinks and gels to bring out your best

Talk about family, your footy, your dreams
To your sore muscles and joints,
Rub in liniments and creams
Joke of your depravity-
How long since a beer?
And think of the meal
When you get out of here

But remember the fallen
On the track where you walk
Silently watching
For they cannot talk
They see you from foxholes,
Scared, sick and in pain
Covered in mud
They stay out in the rain

Consider their families, their friends and their dreams,
They didn’t have liniments, ointments or creams.
Maybe, just a cigarette and a light from a mate
Before the next firestorm
Decided their fate

So walk this track Trekker
And consider their gain
Is the life that you live, out of the rain
And in silence be awed,
By the feats of their time
As your poles take the strain
Of one more hill, one last time

If you would like to be a part of the Cairns Corporate Challenge and make a difference to the lives of people with disabilities in Cairns, contact Sue Fitcher on 0418 294 888

Our Vision:
"Building a better world with people of all abilities!"