Productive and Positive Partnerships


By working closely with individuals and other agencies, we can harness the power of partnerships.  It is an acknowledgement that we can deliver better outcomes when we connect with, and support others in this important area of work.

In line with our Strategic Directions, Cootharinga continued to expand its partnerships across the North Queensland region, and beyond.

  • Continued to support The Umbrella Network, which is a successful and effective network of parents of children with a disability
  • Assisted Deaf Services Queensland with a project to research what services may be required in the Townsville region.  Cootharinga offered office space, meeting rooms and a vehicle for their project officer.  Since commencing services in Townsville, Cootharinga has assisted them with office and meeting spaces, as well as other supports.
  • Supported the Catholic Diocese of Townsville by providing them assistance with architectural drawings, and developing a successful submission.  They secured over $1m funding for the Diocese to build five units for women with a disability.
  • Extended our constructive and successful partnerships with the Department of Communities. Several new services have commenced in supported accommodation, as well as opening an innovative respite service and centre.
  • Cootharinga has begun work with agencies around Australia to support the development of Australasian Disability Professionals (  This group will support and enhance the professionalisation of workers in the disability sector across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Worked with James Cook University to develop proposals for enhanced clinical services, as well as improved opportunities for clinical education across the North Queensland region.
  • Strengthened and deepened our connections with our business and community supporters.
  • Joined the Disability Advisory Committee of the Townsville City Council. Cootharinga offers insights and key strategic advice on issues relating to people with a disability living in the Townsville Municipal area.
  • Is a member of Ability First Australia  a national body of leading disability service organisations working together to achieve a fair go for Australilans living with a disability.
  • As a member of Ability First Australia, Cootharinga was one of the first organisations affiliated with Easter Seals.  Easter Seals is one of the top ten not for profit/charity organisations in the USA.

With the generous support of these entities and people, Cootharinga has been able to successfully extend the reach of its positive impact.

Throughout the year we have worked with a wide range of organisations that support Cootharinga.  Through extending and deepening the relationship that we have with these groups, we are able to offer more support and more services to the people we assist.  We have undertaken a range of activities with Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE, as well as various departments at James Cook University.  Due to this, we were pleased to be able to host site visits for a colleague from a Vietnamese disability organisation called Tre Tan Tat.  We have struck a strong partnership with The Umbrella Network, a group of parents of children with disability  who offer support to other parents !

Our partnerships with commercial and business supporters continue to grow in number and in the amout of support we receive.  On the "Home"page of  our website,  you will see an impressive array of the organisations that have supported us.  To these supporters, we sincerely say "Thank you!"