Rehabilitation Technology Service

Cootharinga Rehabilitation Technology Service assists people with a disability who have a need for repairs or modifications to wheelchairs or other mobility equipment.

The goal of RTS is to enhance individual’s lives through the provision of appropriate and timely modifications to equipment, primarily wheelchairs, which have been funded by Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS), self funded or obtained from other parties.

This is a unique service. Mobile seating assessments are carried out by the team at RTS from Cairns to Mackay and regions in between.

Step 1

Seating needs identified by the person or family of a person living with a disability with advice from their therapist. Therapist contacts RTS, by phone and forwards Seating Referral Form to RTS for client.

Step 2

Arrangements are made for the person with a disability to attend RTS accompanied by therapist (where possible)

Step 3

Seating clinic conducted, measurements taken.

Seating Technician (RTS Team) and therapist with person with a disability and/or their family agree on recommended modifications or model of wheelchair to be purchased.

Step 4

RTS generates a quote and forwards to therapist. The Therapist sends quote to Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) with justification for approval of funding.

If funding not granted, requested authority approached to ascertain payment.

Step 5

Funding approved by Mass, order placed for Wheelchair (if applicable).

Step 6

Modification completed and signed off by Seating Technician/Therapist and the individual or individuals/ family.