Workplace giving

I live in North Queensland, I give in North Queensland

Successful businesses and their employees can make a difference to the lives of people living with disabilities. Imagine if everyone in your organisation donated $5 a week to charity. When you multiply that over a year you begin to see just how powerful workplace giving really is and how it makes such a big difference.

Supporting your charity is easy through workplace giving. Employees are able to donate a set amount each pay period and can receive instant tax benefits as a result. Your business benefits too, by achieving stronger branding recognition in the community and enhancing reputation while building unity, team spirit and morale amongst employees.

Plus it's just such a great feeling knowing you are giving back to the community you live and work in by helping people living with disabilities lead more fulfilling and joyful lives.

Contact Sharon Smith – Planned Giving Co-ordinator on 07 4759 2032 or

No donation is too small. Even donating an amount as little as the cost of your cup of coffee each week can still make a big difference.