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18th June 2020

Throughout Cootharinga North Queensland, we have many enthusiastic and passionate Support Workers who continuously work to develop their skillset within their role and actively work with our customers to assist them in reaching their goals. One of these support workers is Marjan, better known as "Muzz".

Muzz has been a part of our Mackay team for over eleven and a half years and is known for his values, professionalism, and passion for reaching positive outcomes for our customers. Colin McPherson, Mackay Regional Leader, said that 'Muzz is keen to assist where he can and on occasions, goes above and beyond to ensure people live a high quality of life'.

Coming from the mining industry, Muzz wanted a change in scenery and a career that aligned with his values, provided him with purpose in a positive environment. Having worked in the disability industry in his 20's, coming back to the industry was an easy decision to make. Muzz approaches his role with empathy, honesty, and integrity and is passionate about creating opportunities for his customers and being reliable to everyone he meets along the way.

When speaking with Muzz about his career and life, you can feel the passion in everything he does. It is this passion, dedication, and enthusiasm that are among some of the reasons that Muzz was awarded one of the Ability First Australian EasterSeals Scholarships for 2020. The scholarship will see him partake in up to 10 days of work placement in the United States of America at one of the EasterSeals affiliates.

Muzz put himself forward for the opportunity to 'observe and learn in a different environment. It is a chance to work in a different culture with possibly different approaches to service provision' and, once travel opens back up will be packing his bags to get over to the U.S.A to partake in this opportunity as soon as possible.

Asking Muzz if he had any words of wisdom he would like to share with his colleagues, his response was encouraging and supportive. 'Be passionate about what you do. Bring your 'A Game'. Provide choice and control. Show dignity and respect to all you support your colleagues.'

With such a positive outlook and passion for his job, Muzz value-adds to the service he delivers. It is support workers like him that make the disability industry along with the supports and services provided.

We wish Muzz all the best during his scholarship and are excited to see Muzz upon his return to see him put into practice and share with the team what he has learnt.

Muzz with John