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Support Us

Support Us

Cootharinga is passionate about creating an inclusive community for all abilities.

As a profit for purpose, we rely on the support of our surrounding communities to assist us in building a better world with people of all abilities.  

The many benefits that come with supporting a not-for-profit and your community are listed below. 

Benefits to supporting a profit for purpose

The opportunity to give back

Making a difference in the lives of people living with a disability is the flow on effect from giving back. 

The feel-good factor

The act of giving makes you feel good! Giving back to the community rewards you with a deep feeling of satisfaction and contentment.

Enhanced reputation

Companies who support local charities "revel" in an enhanced positive reputation in the community, which builds high morale and loyalty amongst staff.  

Tax deductions

Financial donations, over the amount of $2.00 to Cootharinga are tax deductible. 

At Cootharinga, there are many different ways in which you can assist us to reach our vision and create an inclusive community.