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70 Years

At Cootharinga North Queensland, our highly experienced and trained staff, actively work with people living with disabilities to assist them to achieve the life they want.  By encouraging individual positive outcomes through the coaching of effective life skills, we build confidence and the development of abilities.   We achieve this by providing quality supports, services and assistance in the home and through community access and participation.

We value and understand that every individual is unique and every situation is different. We provide supports for a diverse range of customers all of whom have their own specific and individual needs.  For some, supports with cooking, cleaning, and personal care may be a priority, whereas others mar require support for medication, safe manual handling, and possibly higher-level medical needs.  Whatever your needs, Cootharinga North Queensland has highly trained and dedicated staff to help you live the life you want. 


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We assist you through

Daily Living

Cootharinga North Queensland offers high quality, trained staff to support customers in their daily, personal activities. We also assist to increase and expand on our customers’ skills allowing for greater independence in the home and community. Our team works with each customer as an individual and will happily assist in creating a service that will suit their needs to achieve their goals. We assist with:

  • Personal Care
  • Household duties
  • Access to the community

Supported Independent Living

Cootharinga North Queensland’s trained staff can assist customers to expand and maintain their independence in their own homes or shared living arrangements. Our staff are fully trained to work closely with Allied Health Services to help our customers achieve the lifestyle they want.

Social and Community Participation

We understand the importance of our customers’ participation socially and within the community and the affect it has on development and achieving goals. Our team takes into consideration each customer as an individual and works with them collaboratively to achieve their outcomes.We do this by providing:

  • Community Access
  • Centre based learning
  • Group based learning
  • Community based learning
  • Transport

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(1800 266 842)

Operating Hours

8am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday

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