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Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is beneficial for all parties involved, employers, employees and the designated charity. It is an easy way to donate, tax efficient and cost effective.

By making regular donations through your employer’s payroll system you will be supporting a great cause and feel good when you give! 

Workplace giving enables you to give back to the North Queensland community by making automatic regular donations, of any amount, from your pre-tax salary, resulting in an immediate tax reduction. If you decide to give a pre-tax donation of $20 a month, which may not seem much, but if 10% of an organisation with 3000 did the same, Cootharinga would receive $72,000 each year.  If your company decided to match this amount, then the total donated per year would be $144,000. 

Workplace Giving contributes to a rewarding feeling of corporate social responsibility. This creates staff loyalty and increases staff morale and the public perception that this company is a good place to work. 

Employees will; 

  • Receive an immediate tax benefit through your pay
  • Receive a tax deduction without the need to collect receipts
  • Participate in an affordable and trustworthy transparent program
  • Make a difference by giving back to the community

If you would like to set up a workplace giving program within an organisation please contact us at Cootharinga or one of the below agencies, that will easily assist you do this: 

Australian Charities Fund 

Charities Aid Foundation