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Voice With A Mission

Zaine is a dynamic, motivated young man who doesn’t let his disability interfere with his ambitions.  One such ambition and goal Zaine has had since becoming a Cootharinga North Queensland customer is to learn public demonstration skills to educate the community about road safety, its importance and how his life changed after being involved in a single-vehicle rollover in 2011.

In 2018, Skills and Transition Townsville offered a 12 week Presentation Skills program which Zaine enrolled in and excelled.  At the end of the course, Zaine’s confidence and presentation skills were to such a standard, it was now time for Zaine to tell his story, spread his message and educate the youth of Townsville through his presentation. 

Come August 2019, the perfect opportunity and audience became available for Zaine to do his first public speech. Cootharinga North Queensland had been in contact with the Department of Transport and Main Roads who wanted to invite Zaine to be a guest speaker at a local road safety event, StreetSmarts, at the NRL Cowboys House during road safety week. Zaine could not contain his excitement and was very quick to say yes to the amazing opportunity. After Zaine had a few moments to process the exciting news, it then dawned on him that he needed to present in front of over 100 students, with a presentation that he had not looked at since his Skillsa and Transition presentation back, almost a year ago. The nerves started to set in ...

Cootharinga North Queensland was quick to organise Thom, the course facilitator for the presentation course and one of our Support Workers, to work with Zaine twice a week to update the presentation and put more relevant and updated information to assist Zaine in getting his message across. With a couple of practice runs, Zaine was ready to finally reach his goal. 

Presentation day, and Zaine is dressed and ready to go, nervous and excited for the days event. Upon arrival, Zaine is greeted by members of local and state government as well as a representative from QLD police who was also speaking at the event. 10 minutes to the start of the presentation, Zaine and Thom take the opportunity to run through Zaine's presentation and get those last minute nerves out of the way. 

The event is now underway and 100 restless students are waiting for the welcome speeches to end so they can partake in the BBQ that has just been started up and drifting a lovely smell through the crowd. Zaine is introduced, and all 100 students start to take notice and focus, wondering 'who is this guy?'. Zaine from beginning to end, had the full attention of all of the participants. His presentation was flawless and his message had a lasting effect on many of the students. Zaine had a large smile on his face and took in a long breath, he had successfully made his first large presentation to spread his message. He made a difference in how the audience think of road safety and to consider the consequences that can follow. 

At Cootharinga North Queensland, our customers goals and aspirations are important to assisting people live the life they want. We are still working with Zaine and local organisations to present further speaking opportunities to Townsville and beyond. 

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