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25th June 2020

In aiming to create a more accessible community, Cootharinga North Queensland has proudly partnered with The Zoo Health & Fitness, Garbutt, and has installed a pool hoist that will provide access to the pool for members of the Townsville community with mobility limitations.

Cootharinga North Queensland’s vision is to build a better world with people of all abilities. Being the largest North Queensland-based disability service provider, and supporting over 1000 people in North, Far North and North West Queensland, we are in a strong position to be able to create an accessible community.

When David Reeson, Cootharinga’s General Manager Capacity Building, identified space limitations and the need for better access to a pool to provide customers hydrotherapy, The Zoo Health & Fitness became a forerunner to join forces with due to their heated pool, proximity to Cootharinga’s Allied Health Services in Currajong, and the work they have been putting in to make their gym accessible for their members.

‘The Zoo Health & Fitness have a fantastic pool and they were willing to share that with us and were keen to make it accessible. The Zoo Health & Fitness has been working hard to be accessible and provide resources and equipment for the wider community. ’ said David

‘The purpose of the hoist is to make the pool accessible to people who rely on wheelchairs for mobility.  It is set up to be able to lift a person from the ground or a wheelchair, into the pool and out of the pool. With special mention to Gedoun Constructions for installing the pool hoist in support of an accessible community, the hoist will be available for any member of the Townsville community who is wheelchair bound. They can access the hoist either through a pool entry or gym.’ he said.

MaryAnne, owner The Zoo Health & Fitness said that ‘The Zoo Health & Fitness is thrilled to be working in conjunction with Cootharinga North Queensland.  We firmly believe that a disability should not stop people from achieving their fitness goals and enjoying the many benefits of physical activity and the new hoist only enforces this.’

The pool and newly installed hoist is now available for use to The Zoo Health & Fitness members. The pool hoist was installed in time for the re-opening of gyms on June 12th after a 3 month closure due to COVID-19 and the restrictions put into place by the State and Federal Governments.