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70 Years

Cootharinga North Queensland’s Allied Health Service offers a range of tailored therapy interventions to assist individuals throughout their life span.  You do not need a diagnosis to seek our services; we assess all referrals individually and if we are the right fit for you we can then offer tailored support to you, our customer.

Our team is focused on providing therapy and support to help you achieve your desired goals.  All sessions, whether in person, online or over the phone are presented in a relaxed, interactive atmosphere and are structured to focus on improving the skills of individuals and build the capacity of people in their environment to support them to provide the best opportunity for goal achievement.  


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Our Services

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists promote quality of life by assisting people of all ages to communicate effectively and swallow safely. They can assist with:


  • what has been said or read


  • language skills (including early language and more complex language skills)
  • clear speech
  • social language skills
  • literacy skills (including reading and spelling)
  • alternative communication skills e.g. signing


  • use of augmentative communication devices e.g. communication books/voice output devices
  • maintaining voice concerns
  • mealtimes, feeding and safe swallowing
  • people who stutter


Physiotherapists promote quality of life by assisting people of all ages to maintain or improve their mobility and overall function. This is through;

  • Prescription of mobility and postural equipment and orthoses
  • Development of gross motor skills (large body movements)
  • Prescription of home and community based exercise programs
  • Hydrotherapy (pool based exercises)
  • Development of upper body, lower body and core strength, coordination and flexibility
  • Chest physiotherapy
  • Manual therapy techniques
  • Postural taping techniques

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists promote quality of life by assisting people of all ages to develop the skills needed to participate in their everyday activities, also known as their occupations. Occupational Therapists can help with:

  • Daily living skills e.g. dressing, showering, cooking, shopping
  • Play skills
  • Sleeping
  • Developing skills needed for school
  • Exploring and understanding sensory needs
  • Exploring strategies for developing social and emotional skills
  • Developing skills needed for the workplace
  • Providing access to assistive technology
  • Assessing and providing recommendations for minor home modifications.

Continence Advisor

The Continence Advisor uses an evidence based approach to improve quality of life for people of all ages through resolving and managing continence needs. The advisor is a registered Nurse who promotes wellness, social engagement, and uses a person centred approach. The Continence Advisor provides the following key activities:

  • Support to individuals experiencing incontinence
  • Comprehensive continence assessments for both children and adults, including aged care
  • Individualised management plans
  • Support and guidance in ensuring the individual has the right product (pads, catheters, colostomy products)
  • Support to carers living with someone with continence concerns
  • Provision of evidence based and best practice continence health promotion, education and training programs to carers and health professionals

Allied Health Assistants

Under the direction and supervision of a licenced therapist, Cootharinga North Queensland offers Allied Health Assistants to our customers, maximising rehabilitation, development and general wellbeing.

Our Commitment to Customer Well-being

Cootharinga North Queensland Allied Health Service is committed to physical and psychological safety of our customers. Please see our commitment to customer safety HERE for more details.

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8am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday

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